The Wisconsin Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (WALA) provides information for not only current members, but also valuable information for prospective Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) and Wisconsin Chapter members (ALA membership required in order to join Chapter). Information is available for attorneys, legal management directors, legal management department directors/managers (finance, human resources, facilities, marketing and information technology) and legal industry business partners and service providers. Legal departments and law firms, once solely managed by attorneys, now turn to legal administrators for support and enhancement of the practice of law.

Legal administrators are the backbone of the legal industry in the 21st century and handle all aspects of management including finance, technology, human resources, marketing, facilities and other related management functions. A legal administrator allows attorneys to focus and devote their talent to providing quality legal services to their clients. Ever-changing economic considerations and new developments in the law provide that the role of the legal administrator will continue to expand. The ALA assists the legal administrator with continual education, training and support to its members in order to meet the challenges of the profession.


Improve the quality of management in legal services organizations.

Promote and enhance the competence and professionalism of legal administrators and all members of the management team.

Represent professional legal management and managers to the legal community and to the community at large.

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