Mentor Program

The Wisconsin Association of Legal Administrators provides a Mentoring Program as a tool to provide developmental opportunities for both mentors and mentees. The program is designed to promote professional and personal development among legal administrators by connecting them with others who can advise, coach, and guide them. The goal is to match "seasoned" members/mentors with "new" members/mentees to get them acclimated to our organization, including awareness of the many benefits of membership, and to enhance their experience. 

The benefits of mentoring go well beyond the occasional protocol question. Many mentees believe that the single greatest benefit of a mentor/mentee relationship is having a confidant and advisor. Others feel that the insights they received from their mentors truly helped in their professional development, and yet others believe they benefited from the encouragement and morale boost provided by their mentor. 

Questions regarding this program should be directed to Sandy Schmitt, Vice President of Membership at 414.271.1108 or via e-mail.