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VP of Special Projects' Report

Treasure Hunt Challenge - October 15th
By: Maribeth Karpinski, VP of Special Projects

Please join us this week on Thursday, October 15 at 4:00 PM for our virtual Treasure Hunt Challenge! It’s sure to be a fun event with members, business partners and prizes! Please sign up here if you haven’t already! 

Also, mark your calendars for our Fall Social scheduled for November 11. More information coming on that soon!

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VP of Education's Report

State Bar of Wisconsin - 2020 Solo & Small Firm Conference 
By: Holly Coyle, VP of Education 

As part of WALA’s ongoing strategic partnership with the State Bar of Wisconsin, you will be receiving future communications regarding the Solo & Small Firm Conference taking place October 28-30, for which WALA is a proud sponsor. While the event is tailored for small firms, there are topics for everyone on the agenda. The event will provide the opportunity to network with sponsors and other attendees on an easy-to-use platform. If you have an interest in participating in WALA’s virtual expo booth, please contact Jess Beyer.

Be sure to reserve June 9-11 next year on your calendar for the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Annual Meeting and Conference. You should also be on the lookout for special pricing and discounts!

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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight - October 2020
Sandra (Sandy) Gorman

How did you get your start in the legal industry?

  • During my college years, I worked for a 2-attorney law firm while on summer and winter breaks and was trained as a legal assistant. Read more...

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Management Resources

Dictation in Microsoft Word – Did you know that you can dictate or transcribe directly into Microsoft Word?  If you are using Word for web, you can both dictate directly into a document or save a recording for later transcribing.  Desktop users can dictate directly into a document or save a voice recording and upload later for transcribing.

Why You Should Update Old Content On Your Website  Updating content on your website will help with SEO and Google rankings.  You'll also make a great first impression by having timely articles on popular subjects. 

The Fourth Private Equity Investment In A Practice Management Company In As Many Weeks Summarizes recent investments into popular cloud-based practice management companies and the impetus for recent transactions. 

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ALA's Corner

Annual Conference - Upcoming annual conference & expo.
Career Center - Jobs, articles, and resources. 
Certified Legal Management (CLM)® program - Understand the requirements and benefits of this certification. 
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) - Explanation and outline of benefits of the Committee's efforts.
IDEA Award - Suggest ideas to WALA's leadership.
Legal Management - Review the newest content from ALA's Legal Management magazine.
Legal Marketplace - Collection of ALA's business partners.
Online Communities - Collaborate and network with your peers.
UNPACK ALA - Other news and upcoming events.
Webinars & Preconference Workshops - Educational opportunities.

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