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VP of Special Projects' Report

WALA Spring Social - September 24
By: Maribeth Karpinski, VP of Special Projects

Please join us next week on September 24 at 4:00pm for our virtual Spring into Fall Social!  It’s sure to be a fun event where members and business partners will be playing Bingo for fun prizes.  Please sign up here, if you haven’t already!

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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight - September 2020
Lori Dorn, CLM

How did you get your start in the legal industry?

  • In the mid-to-late 1980s, I was employed as a Human Resources Officer at a bank that had 17 locations and over 500 employees.  After successfully resolving a few employment law related matters, one of the senior executives asked if I’d ever thought about becoming an attorney.  Around that same time, Lawton & Cates was looking to fill their Firm Administrator position.  Since I was intrigued with the idea of possibly going to law school, I decided to apply for the position and was hired!  Rather than obtaining a JD, I earned a MBA degree and became a Certified Legal Manager! Read more...

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Calendar of Events

Overcoming Fear and Staying Engaged During Challenging Times - September 15, 2020.

Spring Into Fall Social - September 24, 2020.

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Management Resources

ALA's Organizational Pricing Program 2021 – ALA is “excited to officially invite your organization to enroll in the ALA Organizational Pricing Program for the 2021 membership term.”  Be sure to review the pricing overview to see if your firm can obtain savings. "Enroll by September 30, 2020 for the 2021 membership term."

2020 State of US Small Law Firms  Interesting data in Thomson Reuters' free report that outlines challenges small firms face.  A great summary of the report's major findings can be found on Robert Ambrogi's blog

Lexis+ Service Discussed in a past newsletter, the new Lexis+ service has officially launched.  If your firm uses LexisNexis for legal research, you'll definitely want to read about a new, premium option.

Thinking about a succession plan for your law firm?  Great article outlining the need for firms to think seriously about succession planning.  It's not just for firms that have a retiring partner.  Firms should also plan for unexpected events.

Wisconsin Court System Website Makeover If you have not seen the new website design, head on over and checkout the new pages.  Become familiar with new locations for links and the website's layout.  The court system is also accepting feedback regarding their new design.

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ALA's Corner

Annual Conference - Upcoming annual conference & expo.
Career Center - Jobs, articles, and resources. 
Certified Legal Management (CLM)® program - Understand the requirements and benefits of this certification. 
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) - Explanation and outline of benefits of the Committee's efforts.
IDEA Award - Suggest ideas to WALA's leadership.
Legal Management - Review the newest content from ALA's Legal Management magazine.
Legal Marketplace - Collection of ALA's business partners.
Online Communities - Collaborate and network with your peers.
UNPACK ALA - Other news and upcoming events.
Webinars & Preconference Workshops - Educational opportunities.

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