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President-Elect-Elect's Report

Your membership with WALA really does pay off!
By: Jess Beyer, President-Elect-Elect

I am pleased to announce that Lori Pharo, Legal Assistant Supervisor of DeWitt LLP Brookfield, was awarded a Scholarship to the ALA Annual Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. This Scholarship was awarded by written application. There were five applicants for this Scholarship, which is an increase from prior years. This Scholarship award is a total of $3,000, which the recipient can use for registration and travel expenses. Lori has never been to an ALA event! I will see you in Salt Lake City, Lori!

Do you want in on an opportunity to travel to an ALA or WALA educational event for little or no cost? I have a solution for you. There are three more opportunities for you to secure a Scholarship:  Continue reading...

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VP of Communications' Report

Proposed Bylaws & Future Newsletter Publication Dates
By: Christopher Shattuck, VP of Membership

After much hard work by many on WALA’s board, we are happy to present you with the proposed changes to WALA’s bylaws. The first two pages describe the reasons necessitating modifications to our bylaws and the remaining pages contain the proposed changes. In the next few weeks, we’ll be asking WALA members to vote on the modifications.

Look for our chapter's monthly newsletter to hit your email inbox on the second Monday of each month beginning in March.  If you have content or stories you would like to share in the newsletter, please email [email protected].  We are happy to share newsworthy items with WALA members and business partners.  Thank you!

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Calendar of Events

Next Generation Emerging Leaders Program - February 28, 2020

March 2020 Milwaukee Meeting - March 17, 2020

Strategic Partner Event: LMA Annual Conference - March 25, 26 & 27, 2020

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Management Resources

The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, together with participating organizations, is launching the first annual Lawyer Well-Being Week, May 4-8. The primary purpose of Lawyer Well-Being Week is to raise awareness of, and encourage action to improve well-being across the profession. What are you planning to do for Lawyer Well-Being Week? You can find great activity ideas on the ABA website. If you have questions about Lawyer Well-Being Week, please contact WisLAP at (800) 444-9404 or visit Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program.

Arrest and Conviction Record Discrimination in Employment – Outlines information employers need to know when taking arrest and conviction records into account.

Pay Up, Or We'll Make Google Ban Your Ads – New kind of extortion where hackers demand that businesses pay money or face a flood of suspicious activity that may result in Google suspending the ads produced by businesses.

Ransomware Attacks Hit Three Law Firms in Last 24 Hours  Move over ransomware, extortionware is coming with hackers demanding ransoms to be paid by law firms or face having their clients' information posted on the internet. 


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ALA's Corner

Annual Conference - Upcoming annual conference & expo.
Career Center - Jobs, articles, and resources. 
Certified Legal Management (CLM)® program - Understand the requirements and benefits of this certification. 
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) - Explanation and outline of benefits of the Committee's efforts.
IDEA Award - Suggest ideas to WALA's leadership.
Legal Management - Review the newest content from ALA's Legal Management magazine.
Legal Marketplace - Collection of ALA's business partners.
Online Communities - Collaborate and network with your peers.
UNPACK ALA - Other news and upcoming events.

Webinars & Preconference Workshops - Educational opportunities.

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