Class Action - January 2020 Print

President's Report

Newsletter Update
By: Kathy Pline, President

I am pleased to announce a new format for our Class Action newsletter. Instead of waiting for a quarterly newsletter to arrive, you will now receive a monthly newsletter. We've modified the content to reduce read time and highlight important resources. Please feel free to share your feedback regarding the new format with us!

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Welcome New Members

Membership Update
By: Sandy Schmitt, VP of Membership

Welcome to 2020! As we start a new year and a new decade, now is the time to renew your membership and commitment to WALA! There are many exciting programs and events planned for the year, including the first-ever Annual Conference of Education (ACE) at the State Bar of Wisconsin Annual Meeting & Conference in June! We are asking you to set a course for adventure and Reach New Heights with WALA! This is the theme for the 2020 membership campaign. Please see the flyer included in this newsletter for all the details. Continue reading...

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Calendar of Events

ICYMI: January Joint Meeting - Mobile Device Security Presentation

Strategic Partner Event: ARMA Milwaukee - February 13, 2020

February Milwaukee Roundtable Meeting - February 18, 2020 

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Management Resources

HR Automation for More Time, Less Headaches – Discusses the benefits of automating human resources departments, such as spending less time on administration, recruitment and payroll.

Why you should insist on diversity in your law practice – Explains the impact insisting on investing in diversity can have in your law firm.

Ethical Dilemmas: Former Clients and 'Generally Known' Information – Answers an interesting ethical question regarding the permitted disclosures of generally known information concerning a former client.

How healthy is your law firm’s brand? – Contains free resources for evaluating the value and improving the brand of your law firm.

Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock? – Highlights the story of a domain that was improperly transferred and includes tips on how to protect your domain.

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ALA's Corner

Annual Conference - Upcoming annual conference & expo.
Career Center - Jobs, articles, and resources. 
Certified Legal Management (CLM)® program - Understand the requirements and benefits of this certification. 
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) - Explanation and outline of benefits of the Committee's efforts.
IDEA Award - Suggest ideas to WALA's leadership.
Legal Management - Review the newest content from ALA's Legal Management magazine.
Legal Marketplace - Collection of ALA's business partners.
Online Communities - Collaborate and network with your peers.
UNPACK ALA - Other news and upcoming events.

Webinars & Preconference Workshops - Educational opportunities.

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