Member Application

  Private law firm
  Legal service clinic
  Corporate legal department
  Charitable legal agency
  Governmental legal agency or court system
  College or university legal department
  General Management
  Financial Management
  Human Resource Management
  Systems Management
  Facilities Management
  Lawyer Recruiting Management
  Practice Management
  Marketing/Business Development Management
  Management of Training/Development
  Legal Assistant Supervision and Management
  All of the Above
  Pre-Management/Support Staff
  Membership: Recruitment
  Membership: New Member Orientation
  Membership: Retention
  Membership: Satisfaction Survey
  Membership: Mentor Program
  Membership: Student Intern Program
  Communications: Class Action Newsletter
  Communications: Publicity and Marketing
  Communications: Website
  Communications: Social Media
  Special Projects: Social Events
  Special Projects: Community Service Project
  Business Partner Relations: Recruitment and Retention
  Business Partner Relations: Socials and Community Service Project
  State and Local Bar Relations: Attorney Training at Local and Statewide Seminars
  State and Local Bar Relations: WISBAR Committess
  State and Local Bar Relations: Local Bar Activities
  Next Generation Emerging Leaders: Program Participant
  Next Generation Emerging Leaders: Program Leader
  Education: Annual Conference of Education
  Education: Monthly Educational Luncheons


Contributions, gifts or membership dues paid to WALA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  However, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. 

As a member of WALA, your information is made available to fellow members and participating Business Partners. As a result, you may receive various communications from board members, committee chairs and members and/or Business Partners via email, fax, and regular U.S. Mail. If this is not acceptable to you, please contact Kevin Lawrence, VP of Membership, to make other arrangements.

Consent for use of photographs:  Registration for and attendance at WALA related events implies consent that your image may be used for promotional/archival purposes.

All WALA members must be members of the ALA.  Membership in the Association shall be on a calendar year basis.

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